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Nude Wedding Dress

Wedding Gown with Bare-Skin Effect


  • The technology of sewing the dress from elastic fabrics without using patterns.
  • How to create a dummy for forming the garment and decoration.
  • How to use different kinds of fabrics: elastic transparent net, neoprene, stretch-satin and non-elastic lace.
  • How to attach the transparent bodice to the skirt without fit-test with the client.
  • How to attach the sleeve.
  • How to decorate the elastic basis with non-elastic lace.
  • How to sew in the train into the tight skirt.

Skills you gain:

  • How to cut a complex dress without pattern.
  • How to determine the location of the cups on the elastic garment.
  • How to attach the cups on the elastic garment.
  • How to determine the right position of the skirt without fit-test.
  • How to attach super-elastic top of the dress to the skirt.
  • How to form and to sew straight skirt without side-seams and with drapery at the back.
  • How to insert cutout parts at the sides.
  • Why it is necessary to use body panties in the construction of this dress and how to cut and to attach them into complex garment (nontraditional way).
  • How to make a dress with only one fit-test.

Where to use:

  • This technology is absolutely universal and has no limits in choosing and creating any style of wedding and evening dresses! The pictures of the garments that can be made using this technique clearly illustrate this.


Course curriculum

    1. Review of the Dress Model and Materials Used

    1. Tutorial 1. Materials Required for Making a Dress-Form

    2. Tutorial 2. Drafting the Dress-Form. Part 1

    3. Tutorial 3. Drafting the Dress-Form. Part 2

    4. Tutorial 4. Making the Dress-Form. Part 1

    5. Tutorial 5. Making the Dress-Form. Part 2

    6. Tutorial 6. Preparing the Cups

    7. Tutorial 7. Filling the Cups with Spray Foam

    1. Tutorial 8. Making a Gore Pattern for the Trumpet Skirt

    2. Tutorial 9. Cutting the Skirt

    3. Tutorial 10. Joining the Skirt Pieces

    4. Tutorial 11. Adding Final Touches to the Dress-Form

    5. Tutorial 12. Cutting the Train

    6. Tutorial 13. Joining the Lining and the Face of the Skirt

    7. Tutorial 14. Finishing the Seam Allowances of the Train with the Lining

    1. Tutorial 15. Forming the Base of the Dress Top. The Front

    2. Tutorial 16. Forming the Base of the Dress Top. The Built-In Panties

    3. Tutorial 17. Forming the Base of the Dress Top. The Mesh Part of the Dress Top

    4. Tutorial 18. Preparing the Skirt and the Lace for Joining with the Front

    5. Tutorial 19. Overlaying the Front with Lace. Finishing the Top Edge of the Skirt

    6. Tutorial 20. Taking the Dress Front off the Dress-Form. Attaching the Skirt

    7. Tutorial 21. Shaping the Back of the Dress

    8. Tutorial 22. Overlaying the Back with Lace Motifs

    9. Tutorial 23. Preparing the Back of the Skirt

    10. Tutorial 24. Attaching the Skirt to the Back of the Dress

    11. Tutorial 25. Preparing to Sew Down the Side Seams

    12. Tutorial 26. Sewing Down the Side Seams of the Dress

    13. Tutorial 27. Sleeves Drafting, Cutting, Decorating with Lace

    1. Tutorial 28. Shaping the Back to Get a Paper Pattern

    2. Tutorial 29. Alterations After the First Fit Test

    3. Tutorial 30. Alterations After the Second Fit Test. Finished Garment

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  • 4 hours of video content