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Wedding Dress with Detachable Full Skirt

Software and Patterns Included

The popularity of this model among brides is because it reflects almost all following fashion trends:

  • a delicate elastic top with embroidery;
  • a built-in bra or cut-off cups;
  • a tender silhouette of a lace dress;
  • an open back and a short lacing on air loops;
  • and a full detachable skirt with a train.

This course contains a lot of couture techniques. I will show you the following:

  • how to seamlessly cover the corset with lace;
  • how to join a lace folded skirt to a dress, so that you don’t have any extra thickness and the transition from a corset to a dress is smooth and invisible;
  • how to sew an elastic top between a face and a lining;
  • how to make a lining with built-in cups.

The special feature of the course is tambour (luneville) sequin embroidery.

The process of cutting, sewing and decoration of a garment from scratch to final operations is described and illustrated in detail.
 All necessary patterns and bonuses (for printing) are attached as follows:

  • 2 tables for AUTOMATIC pattern adjustments calculation for all patterns of this course;
  • patterns of a corset face and a corset lining;
  • patterns of decorative details.

The aim of the course is my great desire to teach the techniques of making such dresses. All the techniques can be used in various combinations, so that you can sew different models of evening, cocktail, prom and wedding dresses.

The course is useful both to beginners as well as to experienced professionals in making wedding and evening dresses. It can be handy for dressmaking atelier personnel as a professional development training.


Class Curriculum

    1. Foreword

    2. Tutorial 1. Preparation of patterns

    1. Tutorial 2. Pattern alteration of the corset face for our client

    2. Tutorial 3. Changes of the lining pattern for our client

    3. Tutorial 4. Alteration of corset face for a plus size client

    4. Tutorial 5. Pattern alteration of corset lining for a plus sized client

    5. Tutorial 6. Cutting the face and the lining

    1. Tutorial 7. A new scheme of bone marking on the cups

    2. Tutorial 8. Joining the corset lining and the back of the corset face

    3. Tutorial 9. The upper edge of the back according to the template

    4. Tutorial 10. Stitching the tunnels on the lining curves

    5. Tutorial 11. Sewing the cups and the front curves of the face

    6. Tutorial 12. Stitching the cut-off cups of the lining

    7. Tutorial 13. Pressing the cups, preparation to join to the corset

    8. Tutorial 14. Preparation for making lacing on air loops

    9. Tutorial 15. Hard lacing on air loops

    10. Tutorial 16. Pressed flat bias tape in 4 minutes

    11. Tutorial 17. Stitching the cups into the lining

    12. Tutorial 18. Strengthening of lining upper edge without boning

    13. Tutorial 19. Upper cut of the lining

    14. Tutorial 20. Attaching the plastic boning

    1. Tutorial 21. Making a pattern of the top with set-in sleeve

    2. Tutorial 22. Tools and materials for embroidery

    3. Tutorial 23. The main methods of tambour embroidery

    4. Tutorial 24. Framing the fabric for embroidery

    5. Tutorial 25. Tracing the pattern to the mesh

    6. Tutorial 26. Contour embroidery with threads and 4 mm sequins

    7. Tutorial 27. Contour embroidery with 6 mm sequins

    8. Tutorial 28. White sequin embroidery of the sleeves

    9. Tutorial 29. The joining of the top pattern with the corset

    1. Tutorial 30. Corset covering with the face

    2. Tutorial 31. Seamless lace cover of the corset

    3. Tutorial 32. The clean finish of the corset upper edge

    1. Tutorial 33. Calculation and construction of a skirt gore

    2. Tutorial 34. Sewing of the base skirt

    3. Tutorial 35. Joining methods of the corset and the skirt

About this course

  • $199.00
  • 63 lessons
  • 12 hours of video content