Wedding and Evening Dresses

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In this course developed by Tatiana Kozorovitsky you'll learn how to draft and adjust patterns, choose and implement different styles, sew using professional techniques for highest quality, decorate your garments and how to make a perfectly fitting dress from a long distance. It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or an experienced designer. Everything you need is provided in this step-by-step training program.

Course curriculum

    1. The Message from Tatiana

    2. Mobile App for your convenience (iOS and Android)

    3. Come say "HELLO!" 👋

    4. How to Use this Course - Universal Instruction

    5. Fabrics You Need to Get Right Now

    6. Before We Begin...

    1. Foreword

    2. Corset Pattern - introduction

    3. Measurements

    4. How to Alter a Pattern 101

    5. Seam allowances in patterns

    6. Cutting fabric

    7. Applying fusible interfacing

    8. Stitching curved seams

    9. Preparing curves for boning

    10. Sewing on the boning

    11. Applying bias tape on the boning

    12. Curved boning (for bustier cup)

    13. Grommet marking

    14. Plackets with grommets

    15. Plackets with metal loops

    16. Making a tape with metal loops

    17. Placket with air loops

    1. Corset Patterns

    2. Deep Neckline Wedding Dress with Whole-Piece Train

    3. Wedding Dress with Lace Straps and Full Skirt

    4. Plus Size Dress with Hidden Corset

    1. Corset Pattern Download

    2. Necessary materials for making the corset

    3. Cutting the corset

    4. Cutting the cups

    5. Joining lace with the base

    6. Preparing cup parts for sewing

    7. Assembling of the corset

    8. Sewing on tunnels for boning

    9. Processing of the upper cut

    10. Connecting the parts of the cups

    11. Connection of cups with lining

    12. Connection of cups with the corset

    13. Processing the lower cut of the corset

    14. Sew on the fastener

    15. Conclusion

    16. Your Assignment

    17. Congratulations! You've made it! 👏

    1. Before You Start...

    2. Introduction

    3. Compulsory measurements

    4. Supplementary measurements

    5. Sleeve or shoulder strap measurements

    6. Taking measurements for a sew-in or a bustier cup

    7. Pricing your work and filling order forms

    8. I need your honest opinion 🙌

    9. Sewing Patterns: printing and storing

    10. Sewing a mock-up

    1. Corset Pattern Drafting - Calculation Method

    2. CORSETS WITH 2 CURVES. Grid drafting for corset with two curves and high neckline

    3. Pattern drafting for corset with two curves and high neckline

    4. SOFTWARE: Universal pattern drafting for corset with 2 curves and front straight upper line (Maria's measurements)

    5. Peculiarities of pattern for the corset with two curves and high neckline for full bust

    6. Peculiarities of the corset pattern with two curves and high neckline for small size

    7. Standard pattern drafting

    8. SOFTWARE: Alterations calculation of pattern with 2 front curves (Maria)

    9. Standard pattern alteration for full bust

    10. Standard pattern alteration for full bust. Part 2

    11. Analysis and comparison of patterns, drafted with various methods

    12. SOFTWARE: Alteration calculation of pattern with 2 front curves (Anna)

    13. Standard pattern alteration for small bust

    14. SOFTWARE: Universal pattern drafting for corset with 2 curves and deep neckline

    15. Low neckline drafting for standard and small size

    16. Low neckline drafting for full bust

    17. Alteration of standard pattern and comparison of patterns with low neckline drafted with different methods

    18. Under-bust dart

    19. Side Dart Opening (additional explanation)

    20. Have a question? Ask me.

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