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Steampunk Leather Corset

Under-bust corset with a front busk


  • Featuring the professional sewing techniques of high quality real leather corsets.
  • Detailed review of different leather types and their qualities.
  • The differences in working with leather from working with fabrics.
  • Working with metal accessories in corset making.
  • Working with special equipment for leather.
  • Specialties of fitting the leather garment.

Skills you gain:

  • Sewing the corset from the real leather material.
  • Cutting the leather.
  • Working with metal flat boning, spiral boning and metal busk.
  • Decorating the leather garment.
  • Duplicating the leather with iron-on batiste.
  • Calculation and alteration of the pattern for leather under-bust corset.

Where to use:

  • Sewing corsets and other garments from real leather.
  • Making steampunk, gothic and other styles corsets.


Course curriculum

    1. Foreword

    2. Tutorial 1. Types of Leather. Choosing the Right Leather and Calculating its Consumption

    3. Tutorial 2. Additional Tools and Materials

    4. Tutorial 3. Calculating Leather Consumption and Preparing the Patterns

    5. Tutorial 4. Duplicating Leather with Iron-On Batiste

    6. Tutorial 5. Cutting All Parts of the Corset

    7. Tutorial 6. Additional Tools for Sewing with Leather

    8. Tutorial 7. Assembling the Face of the Corset. Opening the Seam Allowances of the Corset

    9. Tutorial 8. Cutting the Busk. Marking Sewing Lines for the Busk

    10. Tutorial 9. Assembling the Bars for Concealed Busk Fastener

    11. Tutorial 10. Stitching Around the Busk. Adding a Ceinture to the Lining

    12. Tutorial 11. Joining the Face of the Corset with the Lining. Basting Topstitching Guidelines

    13. Tutorial 12. Topstitching the Seams. Sewing Tunnels and Lacing Bars

    14. Tutorial 13. Cutting Appliqué Motifs

    15. Tutorial 14. Sewing Decorative Boning Tunnels

    16. Tutorial 15. Applying Appliqué Motifs and Decorative Plackets

    17. Tutorial 16. Sewing the Appliqué Motifs on the Lay-On Elements

    18. Tutorial 17. Finishing the Top Edge with Bias Tape

    19. Tutorial 18. Marking the Placement of Garment Accessories

    20. Tutorial 19. Installing Grommets and Rivets. Stitching and Trimming the Bias Tapes

    21. Tutorial 20. Cutting Flat Steels and Spirals. Inserting Bones in the Corset

    22. Tutorial 21. Sewing the Lay-On Elements on the Corset. Marking and Installing Rivets

    23. Tutorial 22. Finishing the Bottom Edge of the Corset

    24. Tutorial 23. Preparing a Modesty Panel

    25. Tutorial 24. Sewing the Modesty Panel in Place. Lacing the Corset

    26. Tutorial 25. Gluing the Lay-On Elements on the Corset

    27. Tutorial 26. Stitching a Border for the Latches

    1. Sewing Patterns

About this course

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  • 28 lessons
  • 6 hours of video content