Skirts and Petticoats

Automatic skirt patterns calculation software IS INCLUDED

In this part of the course you will master skirts construction: straight skirt, A-line or bell-shaped, flared , combined A-line–fishtail , fishtail, circle-based , full-sweep, half-circle, complex designer skirts and many additional designs are at your finger tips. Hard made easy with this unique program.

Course curriculum

    1. A message from Tatiana

    2. Foreword

    1. Tutorial 1. A-Line or Bell-Shaped Skirt

    2. Tutorial 2. Adjusting the Front of the Bell-Shaped Skirt

    3. Tutorial 3. Adjusting the Back of the Bell-Shaped Skirt

    4. Tutorial 4. Combined Bell-Shaped Fishtail Skirt

    5. Tutorial 5. Adjusting the Patterns for a Combined Bell-Shaped Fishtail Skirt

    6. Tutorial 6. Slits and Decorative Inserts in Silhouette Skirts

    7. Tutorial 7. The Fishtail Skirt

    8. Tutorial 8. Adjusting the Fishtail Skirt Pattern

    9. Tutorial 9. Sewing a Mock-Up Fishtail Skirt with Separately Cut Bottom

    10. Tutorial 10. Peculiarities of Cutting the Bottom Part of the Fishtail Skirt

    11. Tutorial 11. The Flared (Trapeze) Skirt

    1. Tutorial 12. Circle Skirts

    2. Tutorial 13. Five Key Solutions for Cutting Full Sweep or Half-Circle Skirts from Narrow Fabric

    3. Tutorial 14. A Fast Way to Cut a Full Sweep Skirt

    4. Tutorial 15. The Half-Circle Skirt. Where to Put the Joining Seam

    5. Tutorial 16. The Half-Circle Skirt. The Trick behind the Beautiful Train

    6. Tutorial 17. Half-Circle Skirt with Circular Folds

    7. Tutorial 18. Full Sweep Skirt and Trapeze Skirt with Circular Folds

    1. Tutorial 19. Making a Pattern of a Mock-Up Skirt with Circular Folds

    2. Tutorial 20. Making a Mock-Up Skirt with Circular Folds. The Front

    3. Tutorial 21. Making a Mock-Up Skirt with Circular Folds. The Back and the Train

    4. Tutorial 22. Making a Pattern and Cutting the Mock-Up

    5. Tutorial 23. Making a Mock-Up Fancy Silhouette Skirt

    6. Tutorial 24. Making a Paper Pattern

    7. Tutorial 25. Making Paper Gore Patterns and Full-Size Skirt Pattern

    8. Tutorial 26. Cutting and Sewing

    9. Tutorial 27. Examining the Finished Mock-Up. Key Rules of Making Mock-Ups

    10. Tutorial 28. Making a Mock-Up Wrap Skirt Based on a Half-Circle

    1. Tutorial 29. Ways of Treating Edges of Falbala and Ruffles

    2. Tutorial 30. Types of Spiral-Based Flounces

    3. Tutorial 31. Types of Flounces

    1. Tutorial 32. Introduction to the Tables for Automatic Calculation of Skirt Parameters

    2. Tutorial 33. Calculating Gores for Cutting a Petticoatt

    3. Tutorial 34. Calculating Horizontal Ruffles for the Petticoat

    4. Tutorial 35. Calculating Horizontal Hoops for the Petticoat and Ruffles for the Casing

    5. Tutorial 36. Calculating Horizontal Ruffles for the Face of the Skirt

    6. Tutorial 37. Calculating Vertical Flounces for the Face Skirt

    7. Tutorial 38. Calculating Horizontal Floor-Length Ruffles with Arbitrarily Chosen Intervals between Sewing Lines

    8. Tutorial 39. Automatic Calculations for a Full Gathered Skirt

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