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Premium Dress

The patterns and the software included

“Premium Dress” is a detailed masterclass on sewing techniques employed in the making of this fantastic dress inspired by a famous Lebanese fashion designer – Krikor Jabotian.

Peculiar features of this corset dress:

  • The pattern was purposely designed to keep the front and the back of the skirt whole instead of splitting them up by vertical princess seams.
  • An additional princess seam on the front half of the lining ensures maximum tight fit in the waist.
  • The neckline edge is treated in a new special technique.
  • The dress features concealed side seams.
  • The dress is made from three layers: lining, background fabric, and sequin overlay fabric.
  • There is a blind zipper and concealed inner lacing.
  • Ruffles are sewn on the see-through skirt in accordance with a complicated layout scheme.
  • There is a 3D decorative ruffle piece on the shoulder of the dress.
  • The bodice is draped.
  • The dress is complemented with a decorative buckle and matching hair clips in the form of plastic suede flowers.

This course will teach you:

  • How to customize the size of a corset dress pattern for your client.
  • How to cut sequin fabric with minimum princess seams and achieve a tight fit in the waist.
  • In what order to join the pieces to achieve the best results.
  • How to sew curved princess seams neatly on “complicated” fabric (sequin fabric).
  • How to treat necklines (a new technique).
  • How to sew a lining worthy of a premium class garment.
  • How to sew concealed lacing panels into the dress.
  • How to sew a skirt from delicate mesh fabric and decorate it with a generous amount of ruffles in two different colors.
  • How to cut ruffles from thin fabric.
  • How to reinforce see-through mesh fabric for sewing ruffles on it.
  • How to create additional accessories to complement the dress (a belt brooch and matching hair clips).
  • How to make and color flowers from plastic suede.
  • How to make your own flower and petal moulds for working with plastic suede.

You will find enclosed:

  • Ready pattern of a bell-shaped slightly flared dress with a train sewn into the central back seam.
  • Ready pattern of the top see-through skirt with a layout scheme for sewing on ruffles.
  • Flower templates for plastic suede accessories.
  • Swirl template for cutting decorative shoulder ruffles.
  • Corset pattern, pattern adjustment calculations table, and ruffle layout scheme.

The purpose of this course is to help you master all technical know-how required for sewing the most sophisticated designer dresses!

The course will be helpful not only to beginners but also to those experienced in sewing. It is also suitable as a means of professional improvement for staff of sewing ateliers.

I would also like to emphasize that the dress from this course is merely a foundation for your own masterpieces. Let your creative spirit run free!

Masterclass curriculum

    1. Introduction

    2. Tutorial 1. Calculating Pattern Alterations

    3. Tutorial 2. Applying Adjustments to the Front Pieces

    4. Tutorial 3. Applying Adjustments to the Back Pieces

    5. Tutorial 4. Cutting Duplication Pieces from Iron-On Fabric

    6. Tutorial 5. Preparing for the Cutting Process

    1. Tutorial 6. Duplicating the Lining. Marking the Bones

    2. Tutorial 7. Assembling the Front of the Lining

    3. Tutorial 8. Sewing Bones on the Cups

    4. Tutorial 9. Sewing Bones along the Front Princess Seams

    5. Tutorial 10. Sewing Lace onto the Front Half of the Lining

    6. Tutorial 11. Assembling the Lacing Panels

    7. Tutorial 12. Assembling the Back Half of the Lining. Preparing for a Fitting

    8. Tutorial 13. Sewing the Side Seams of the Lining

    1. Tutorial 14. Assembling and Pressing the Face Pieces

    2. Tutorial 15. Assembling and Pressing the Face Pieces (Continued)

    3. Tutorial 16. Installing the Zipper. Sewing the Side Seams of the Face

    4. Tutorial 17. Joining the Face with the Lining

    5. Tutorial 18. Finishing the Neckline of the Dress

    6. Tutorial 19. Finishing the Hemline

    1. Tutorial 20. Draping the Bodice

    2. Tutorial 21. Finishing the Drapery. Finishing the Shoulder Strap

    1. Tutorial 22. Analyzing the Skirt Pattern and Ruffles Layout. Cutting the Skirt

    2. Tutorial 23. Joining the Hard Mesh Pieces

    3. Tutorial 24. Sewing the Skirt

    4. Tutorial 25. Transferring the Ruffles Layout onto the Skirt

    5. Tutorial 26. Cutting Fabric Straps for the Ruffles

    6. Tutorial 27. Gathering the Fabric Straps into Ruffles

    7. Tutorial 28. Analyzing the Ruffles Layout. Rules of Sewing On Ruffles

    8. Tutorial 29. Analyzing the Ruffles Layout. Color Alternation Rules

    9. Tutorial 30. Reinforcing the Hem of the Skirt

    1. Tutorial 31. Sewing Ruffles on the Blue Fragment

    2. Tutorial 32. Sewing Ruffles on the Red Fragment

    3. Tutorial 33. Sewing Ruffles on the Black Fragment

    4. Tutorial 34. Sewing Ruffles on the Green Fragment

    5. Tutorial 35. Summing Up the Results of the Work Done

    6. Tutorial 36. Analyzing the Ruffles Layout. The Sides of the Front Half of the Skirt

    7. Tutorial 37. Analyzing the Ruffles Layout. The Sides of the Back Half of the Skirt

    8. Tutorial 38. Analyzing the Ruffles Layout. The Center of the Back Half of the Skirt

    9. Tutorial 39. Finishing the Hem of the Skirt

    10. Tutorial 40. Summing Up the Results. Related Materials Consumption

About this course

  • $199.00
  • 57 lessons
  • 13 hours of video content