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Plus Size Dress with a Strap

Patterns Included


  • Sewing the cups for large size bust: US 12, EU-44 and larger (bust circumference 100+ cm ).
  • Sewing on the boning on the inner corset (of the dress).
  • Sewing a dress with a falling skirt.
  • One shoulder strap dress.

Skills you gain:

  • Calculation and alteration of the plus-size patterns: US 12, EU-44 and larger (bust circumference 100+ cm ).
  • Forming slim, proportionate silhouette with the inner corset and the cutting of the lining.
  • Construction of the pattern for the asymmetry dress – strap on one shoulder.
  • The purpose  of the straps for the dresses with bust circumference 100+ cm.
  • Inserting zipper into a knitting skirt and non-elastic lining, and to make a transition to the lacing.
  • Drapery of the bodice with inclined ordered folds, and drapery of the belt.
  • Applique and  rhinestones decoration.

Where to use:

  • Sewing wedding and evening dresses for non-standard body type.


Class Curriculum

    1. Tutorial 1. Taking Measurements

    2. Tutorial 2. Choosing Sewing Techniques for Large-Size Corset Garments

    3. Tutorial 3. Calculating Pattern Alterations. Part 1

    4. Tutorial 4. Calculating Pattern Alterations

    5. Tutorial 5. Constructing the Corner for Attaching Shoulder Straps

    6. Tutorial 6. Applying Alterations to the Pattern. Part 1

    7. Tutorial 7. Applying Alterations to the Pattern. Part 2

    8. Tutorial 8. Applying Alterations to the Pattern. Part 3

    9. Tutorial 9. Preparing for the Cutting Process

    10. Tutorial 10. Cutting the Lining of the Dress

    11. Tutorial 11. Duplicating the Lining

    12. Tutorial 12. Marking the Bones

    13. Tutorial 13. Sewing Down the Princess Seams of the Lining

    14. Tutorial 14. Sewing Bones onto the Front Half of the Dress

    15. Tutorial 15. Sewing Bones onto the Front of the Dress (Continued)

    16. Tutorial 16. Overlaying the Bones

    17. Tutorial 17. Padding the Cups with Polyester Wadding

    18. Tutorial 18. Duplicating the Cups. Preparing the Pieces for Draping

    19. Tutorial 19. Draping the Back of the Dress

    20. Tutorial 20. Draping the Front of the Dress. Part 1

    21. Tutorial 21. Draping the Front of the Dress. Part 2

    22. Tutorial 22. Securing the Drapes on the Dress

    23. Tutorial 23. Sewing Down the Central Seam and the Side Seams of the Lining

    24. Tutorial 24. Cutting the Skirts. Preparing to Insert the Zipper

    25. Tutorial 25. Installing the Zippers into the Dress

    26. Tutorial 26. Attaching the Skirts to the Dress.

    27. Tutorial 27. Draping the Waistband. Securing the Drapes

    28. Tutorial 28. Finishing the Lacing Area

    29. Tutorial 29. Sewing the Shoulder Strap and a Modesty Flap

    30. Tutorial 30. Embellishing the Dress with Lace Appliqué

    31. Tutorial 31. Embellishing the Dress with Rhinestones

    1. Sewing Patterns Download

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