Patchwork: Underbust Corset

Sewing patterns are included in the course

In this exclusive course we will make a high-end underbust corset with a custom made patchwork finish. 

We will find the matching colors for the fabric and join the patchwork blocks according to the colormap, paying special attention to the color transitions between the corset panels.

You will learn how to create perfect color maps.

Once our front pieces are ready, we will need to reinforce them in a special way. Applying the fusible interfacing only is not an option in this case. Moreover, the interfacing methods that you already know from my previous courses are not suitable here as well, or better to say, they are not enough. I will teach you a new method. 

Then we will turn to corset boning and lining. Again, we are going to learn some new techniques. 

The next step is joining the corset front with its lining. With my guidance you will try out a new technique for finishing the top edge with a bias tape and give its edges a clean look. 

I will show you the fast way to mark the grommet placement with a pantograph. Believe me, once you see it, you will never use any other method ever again. The pantograph will make loop and button positioning super fast and easy on any garment. From now on, measuring equal distances will be your favorite task. 

Course curriculum

    1. Foreword

    2. 1. Corset pattern

    3. 2. Tools and workspace organization

    1. Patterns for download

    1. 3. Creating a colormap

    2. 4. Working with the center front piece

    3. 5. Working with other panels of the corset front

    4. 6. Working with back pieces

    1. 7. Corset pattern and amount of fabric needed

    2. 8. Duplicating the fabric, laying out the pattern, cutting

    3. 9. Reinforcing the strength layer of the corset

    1. 10. Cutting patchwork pieces

    2. 11. Working with the lining

    3. 12. Joining patchwork and strength layers together, sewing the corset face

    4. 13. Joining the face with the lining

    1. 14. Binding the corset top edge with a bias tape

    2. 15. Installing grommets and inserting boning

    3. 16. Binding the corset bottom edge

    4. 17. The finished garment

About this course

  • $99.00
  • 20 lessons
  • 4 hours of video content