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Open-Back Dress with a Bodysuit Base

Patterns Included


  • Detailed analysis of the open-back dress styles.
  • Recommendations and rules of choosing a right type of open-back garment.
  • Choosing the right base: corset, bodice or bodysuit. 
  • Choosing the right depth of the cut on the back.
  • Creating a garment with a bodysuit base.
  • Choosing the right shape of the straps.
  • Creating a garments with ready made foam cup.
  • Cutting and sewing of original removable light skirt.
  • For making this dress were used thin lace material and elastic transparent net.
  • Connecting bodysuit and the dress into one whole garment.

Skills you gain:

  • How to connect any ready made cup to the dress.
  • How to draft a pattern for the cover of the ready made foam cup.
  • How to make a cover for a foam cup.
  • Modeling of the separately cut cup.
  • Modeling of the open backs.
  • Modeling of the straps with complex forms.
  • How to alter  the pattern with separately cut cups for different body types.

Where to use:

  • The main agenda of this course is to deliver the technique of sewing open-back dresses with bodysuit base. This knowledge can be used in different combinations and gives you a wide range of opportunities for creating cocktail, evening, prom and wedding gowns.


Class Curriculum

    1. Tutorial 1. Getting Acquainted with the Model

    2. Tutorial 2. Pattern Calculation

    3. Tutorial 3. Working on the Dress Pattern

    4. Tutorial 4. Finishing the Dress Pattern. Working on the Bodysuit Pattern

    5. Tutorial 5. Working on the Strap Pattern

    6. Tutorial 6. Cutting the Dress and the Bodysuit

    7. Tutorial 7. Cutting a Lace Overlay and a Mock-up for the Dress

    8. Tutorial 8. Working with the Mock-Up of the Dress

    9. Tutorial 9. Making a Pattern of a Fabric Cover for the Cups

    10. Tutorial 10. Preparing the Fabric Cup Cover

    11. Tutorial 11. Encasing the Cups in Fabric. Sewing the Cups into the Dress

    12. Tutorial 12. Assembling the Second Cup

    13. Tutorial 13. Working on the Backs of the Dress and the Bodysuit

    14. Tutorial 14. Joining the Backs of the Dress and the Bodysuit

    15. Tutorial 15. Finishing the Leg Openings of the Bodysuit

    16. Tutorial 16. Finishing the Top Edge of the Back

    17. Tutorial 17. Finishing the Short-Sleeve Lace Bolero Piece

    18. Tutorial 18. Finishing the Tunnel for the Semi-Circle Cup Underwire

    19. Tutorial 19. Cutting the Skirt

    20. Tutorial 20. Assembling the Skirt

    21. Tutorial 21. Working on the Waist of the Skirt

    22. Tutorial 22. Applying the Final Touches to the Dress

    23. Types of Open-Back Dresses

    1. Sewing Patterns Download

About this course

  • $99.00
  • 24 lessons
  • 3 hours of video content