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Fantasy Corset

Sewing Pattern Included


The most distinguished feature of this corset is the scalloped edges in the neckline and the bottom.

There were several reasons, which motivated me to prepare this course:

  1. Large number of orders for such corsets.
  2. The unwillingness of the clients to adequately pay for the extra laborious work of making the scalloped corset. Therefore, in this course I will teach you a simple, an easy and yet a fast technique to sew the corset with scalloped edges and at the same times a technique that helps to achieve the desired result.

The use of my technique will turn the sewing of such complex corset into the budget option, which will be beneficial for you and your client!

Where to use:

  • Perfect for sewing wedding dresses or evening garments;
  • Garments made with this technology are suitable for any body type and size;
  • Great for reshaping silhouettes and creating proportional forms.


Class Curriculum

    1. Tutorial 1. Introduction of the model. Overview of materials

    2. Tutorial 2. Calculation of the pattern adjustments.

    3. Tutorial 3. Alteration of the standard pattern

    4. Tutorial 4. Adjustment of the standard pattern. Continuation

    5. Tutorial 5. Fabric duplication. Arranging patterns on fabric

    6. Tutorial 6. Corset cutting

    7. Tutorial 7. Cups duplicating. Bones marking

    8. Tutorial 8. Sewing of the central front part. Attaching bones

    9. Tutorial 9. Stitching bones to the front central piece

    10. Tutorial 10. Attaching bones on the cup

    11. Tutorial 11. Options of bone stitching in the cup

    12. Tutorial 12. Sewing the remaining lining pieces

    13. Tutorial 13. Attaching bones in the bottom of the lining

    14. Tutorial 14. Stitching the face pieces of the corset. Pressing the face and the lining

    15. Tutorial 15. Pinning the face and the lining

    16. Tutorial 16. Joining the face and the lining together. The lacing

    17. Tutorial 17. Setting the grommets up

    18. Tutorial 18. The bottom of the back. Drawing the scalloped edges of the corset

    19. Tutorial 19. The scalloped edges stitching

    20. Tutorial 20. Rhinestones in the edges of the corset

    21. Tutorial 21. Completion of work. The ready garment

    1. Sewing Patterns Download

About this course

  • $99.00
  • 22 lessons
  • 4.5 hours of video content