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Cupped Dress

Software and Patterns Included


  • One of the most popular technologies of constructing soft, flowing dresses with quilted cups.

Skills you gain:

  • Cutting and sewing quilted cups and connecting it to a soft dress;
  • Altering standard pattern to any size using a unique formula for calculating the side seam (Tatiana Kozorovitsky’s formula);
  • Constructing hard lacing on floating loops;
  • Decorating the garment with lace, beads and sequins.

Where to use:

  • Sewing youth dresses for every occasion: from light sundress to evening or wedding dress;
  • Instead of lace you can use chiffon, organza, net, natural or artificial silk;
  • Prefect for dresses for pregnant women.


Class Curriculum

    1. Tutorial 1. Pattern Calculation

    2. Tutorial 2. Tatiana Kozorovitsky’s Formula.

    3. Tutorial 3. Cutting the Cups

    4. Tutorial 4. Dress Cutting: Main Fabric and Lace

    5. Tutorial 5. Marking the Location of Cup Bones

    6. Tutorial 6. Joining the Lining of the Cups

    7. Tutorial 7. Sewing-on Inner Cup Bones

    8. Tutorial 8. Sewing Together the Face of the Cups

    9. Tutorial 9. Joining the Cups and the Dress

    10. Tutorial 10. Pressing the Top of the Cups

    11. Tutorial 11. Preparing the Dress for a Fit Test

    12. Tutorial 12. Joining the Lace Pieces. Sewing a Zipper onto the Back

    13. Tutorial 13. Hanging Loops for the Lacing

    14. Tutorial 14. Joining the Side Seams

    15. Tutorial 15. Decoration

    1. Sewing Patterns Download

    1. Automatic Pattern Pattern Alteration Software

About this course

  • $99.00
  • 17 lessons
  • 4.5 hours of video content