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Crop Top Wedding Gown with Ruffle Skirt

Remote sewing techniques included

In this course we will learn how to sew a trendy wedding gown design – Crop Top or Two Pieces gown, and the new advanced (yet super-easy) decoration technique.

And we will learn how to make a perfect fitting dress to a client from a long distance, relying solely on the measurements.


  • Creating a custom lace for your specific pattern.
  • How to draw openwork lace and how to create your own tracery.
  • How to adjust a zipper for any size, nice and clean.
  • Easy way to create light and beautiful ruffle skirt, which doesn’t require any additional reinforcing.
  • How to sew on the ruffles and to assemble the skirt using home sewing machine.
  • The skirt contains 750 ruffles of 8 sizes and 2 edge types. All sewing patterns are included.
  • Making and attaching a bodice belt for a skirt.
  • Strong lacing on hanging loops.
  • Advanced decoration techniques.
  • Peculiarities of long distance sewing.
  • How to make a “virtual” fit test.
  • How to use a mannequin for fit test.

Where to use:

  • This technology is absolutely universal and has no limits in choosing and creating any style of wedding and evening dresses!


Class Curriculum

    1. Foreword

    2. Tutorial 1. Getting Acquainted with the Top Pattern

    3. Tutorial 2. Getting Acquainted with the Lace Pattern

    4. Tutorial 3. Adjusting the Standard Pattern after Client’s Measurements

    5. Tutorial 4. Pyrography Tool and Equipment

    6. Tutorial 5. Preparing Fabric for the Back Piece

    7. Tutorial 6. Doing Pyrography on the First Layer of the Back Piece

    8. Tutorial 7. Joining the First Layer with the Second Layer

    9. Tutorial 8. Doing Pyrography on the Second Layer of the Back Piece

    10. Tutorial 9. Adding the Third Layer to the Back Piece

    11. Tutorial 10. Finishing the Back Half of the Top

    12. Tutorial 11. Cutting the First Layer of Fabric for the Front Piece

    13. Tutorial 12. Working on the Second Layer of the Front Piece

    14. Tutorial 13. Making the Third Layer of the Front Piece

    15. Tutorial 14. Securing Detached Elements at the Front of the Top

    16. Tutorial 15. Decorating the Top

    17. Tutorial 16. Cutting the Left Sleeve

    18. Tutorial 17. Cutting the Right Sleeve

    19. Tutorial 18. Sewing the Darts. Shortening Zippers

    20. Tutorial 19. Installing the Zippers. Sewing the Side Seams

    21. Tutorial 20. Attaching the Sleeves. Adding a Decorative Necklace

    22. Tutorial 21. Working with the Skirt Pattern

    23. Tutorial 22. Cutting the Skirt

    24. Tutorial 23. Analyzing the Ruffles Layout

    25. Tutorial 24. Preparing the Skirt Pieces. Putting Ruffles on Them

    26. Tutorial 25. Cutting Smooth-Edge Ruffles for Vertical Rows

    27. Tutorial 26. Putting the First Ruffles on the Side Piece

    28. Tutorial 27. Analyzing the Ruffles Layout. Examining the Results

    29. Tutorial 28. Putting Ruffles on the Central Back Piece

    30. Tutorial 29. Cutting Ruffles with Wavy Edges

    31. Tutorial 30. Putting Horizontal Ruffles on the Skirt. Part 1

    32. Tutorial 31. Putting Horizontal Ruffles on the Skirt. Part 2

    33. Tutorial 32. Putting Horizontal Ruffles on the Skirt. Part 3

    34. Tutorial 33. Putting Horizontal Ruffles on the Skirt. Part 4

    35. Tutorial 34. Analyzing Garment Balance

    36. Tutorial 35. Joining the Back of the Skirt with the Side Pieces

    37. Tutorial 36. Finishing the Bottom of the Skirt

    38. Tutorial 37. Making a Waistband Pattern

    39. Tutorial 38. Sewing a Lining for the Waistband

    40. Tutorial 39. Putting Vertical Bones on the Face of the Waistband

    41. Tutorial 40. Making Ribbon Loops for the Lacing

    42. Tutorial 41. Joining the Waistband with the Skirt

    43. Tutorial 42. Conclusion

    1. Sewing Patterns Download

About this course

  • $149.00
  • 44 lessons
  • 10.5 hours of video content