Corset with Quilted Cups and 4 Front Curves

Sewing tutorial + Patterns

Let's sew a corset using a new method, where in a one-piece corset the cup will be highlighted by a round metal frame. 

The cup fits perfectly but outwardly, the corset remains with a minimum of seams on the front side.

The relief on the side of the corset divides it into two parts, which allows you to precisely fit to the shape of the body, and contributes to a more harmonious and beautiful appearance.

For women with small and medium breasts, for older figures who need additional support or correction of the shape of the breast, a dedicated cup is the ideal solution.

Course includes:

  • complete easy-to-follow step-by-step video tutorials (in UltraHD resolution - 4K), 
  • illustrated text transcription to every video, 
  • sewing patterns download 
  • automatic pattern alteration software.

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Course curriculum

    1. 1. Introduction + necessary materials

    2. Corset Patterns Download

    3. 2. Taking measurements

    4. 3. Making a pattern of your own based on a standard pattern

    5. 4. Making a pattern of your own based on a standard pattern - continued

    6. 5. Necessary preparatory work with the dress-form

    7. 6. Cup strenghtening

    8. 7. Attaching underwires to the front of the lining

    9. 8. Making the cup rounded

    10. 9. Creating a smooth surface for the lining of the front

    11. 10. The lining of the back

    12. 11. Joining face details

    13. 12. Preparing the lining and the face for joining

    14. 13. The back - preparing to join the face and the lining

    15. 14. Completion of sewing the lining and the facing

    16. 15. Joining the face and the lining

    17. 16. Stretching on the facing part

    18. 17. Closing the bottom edge, installing washers

    19. 18. Conclusion

    1. ☝️ Before you use the Pattern Alterations Calculation software...

    2. SOFTWARE - Corset with Quited Cups and 4 Curves

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  • 3.5 hours of video content