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Corset with Integral Halter-Neck Straps

Sewing Pattern Included


  • Corset constructed in “Throw-over technique”;
  • Cut cup with straps around the neck;

Skills you gain:

  • Using non-elastic lace;
  • Cutting, sewing and treating convex round cups with integral straps around the neck;
  • Encasing the bones with the fabric for making the tunnels;
  • Making a deep V-neckline and treating it with bones;
  • New sewing pattern of a round cup with integral straps.

Where to use the Throw-over technique:

  • If you need to cover the corset with a single set of lace, but tracery is rare, there are only a few ways to reach the front. Instead of adding motifs with the applications, you can use Throw-over technique and place embroidery motives onto needed places;
  • Covering corset with non-elastic lace or with non-elastic fabric with embroidery;
  • Hiding vertical bones of the curves doing one-layer corset (transparent corset);
  • Covering corset with the small leftovers from a previous garment;
  • Using thin lace with small tracery;
  • Widely used technology for creating wedding (and evening) dresses Haute Couture.


Class Curriculum

    1. Tutorial 1. Getting Acquainted with the Model and the Throw-Over Sewing Technique

    2. Tutorial 2. Cutting a Corset Mock-up

    3. Tutorial 3. Sewing the Mock-up

    4. Tutorial 4. Taking Pattern Measurements off the Mock-up

    5. Tutorial 5. Re-calculating the Pattern after Individual Measurements

    6. Tutorial 6. Gluing Together Two Layers of Organza

    7. Tutorial 7. Tracing the Patterns with Alterations Accounted for

    8. Tutorial 8. Cutting the Corset out of Organza and Lace Fabric

    9. Tutorial 9. Cutting the Cups with Integral Straps

    10. Tutorial 10. Duplicating the Cups. Marking the Bones

    11. Tutorial 11. Cutting the Lacing Bars and Fabric Straps for Encasing the Bones

    12. Tutorial 12. Joining Organza and Lace Pieces

    13. Tutorial 13. Sewing the Corset in the Throw-Over Technique

    14. Tutorial 14. Finishing the Top Edge of the Corset. Joining Corset Pieces in the Middle

    15. Tutorial 15. Assembling the Lining of the Cups and Quilting It with Bones

    16. Tutorial 16. Pressing the Cups Quilted with Bones

    17. Tutorial 17. Assembling the Face of the Cups

    18. Tutorial 18. Finishing the Lining of the Cups

    19. Tutorial 19. Joining the Face and the Lining of the Cups

    20. Tutorial 20. Pressing the Cups and Preparing Them for Getting Sewn into the Corset

    21. Tutorial 21. Pinning the Cups into the Corset

    22. Tutorial 22. Joining the Cups and the Body by Machine-Stitching

    23. Tutorial 23. Stitching the Edges of the Cups with Specialty Presser-Foot

    24. Tutorial 24. Inserting Stiff Bones into the Corset

    25. Tutorial 25. Finishing the Bottom of the Corset

    26. Tutorial 26. Finishing the Lacing Area with Narrow Bars

    27. Tutorial 27. Adding a Modesty Flap, Grommets and Cross-Back Straps

    1. Sewing Pattern Download

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