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Corset with Drapery

Sewing Pattern Included


  • Simplified method of quilting cutoff cups;
  • Back divided to 4 parts, for a better fitting for a complex body type;
  • Using hard synthetic corset net.

Skills you gain:

  • Constructing light and strong bases for embossed drapery;
  • Easy method to put on the drapery and secure it on the corset;
  • Clean way to close folds with lacing bar.

Where to use:

  • Widely used technology for creating wedding (and evening) dresses Haute Couture.


Class Curriculum

    1. Tutorial 1. Getting Acquainted with the Model. Cutting a Mock-up

    2. Tutorial 2. Sewing the Mock-up and Modelling its Bottom. Altering the Pattern

    3. Tutorial 3. Calculating the Pattern after Individual Measurements

    4. Tutorial 4. Cutting the Corset

    5. Tutorial 5. Cutting the Cup Pieces. Marking the Location of Bones

    6. Tutorial 6. Joining the Hard Mesh with the Chiffon Lining

    7. Tutorial 7. Sewing Front and Back Princess Seams

    8. Tutorial 8. Preparing the Bones and Sewing Them on

    9. Tutorial 9. Finishing the Lacing Bars. Sewing the Side Seams

    10. Tutorial 10. Joining the Cup Pieces and Quilting Them with Bones

    11. Tutorial 11. Final Steps of Quilting the Cups with Bones

    12. Tutorial 12. Pressing the Cups and Covering Them with Padding Polyester

    13. Tutorial 13. Finishing the Top Edge of the Corset

    14. Tutorial 14. Joining the Body with the Cups. Inserting Stiff Bones

    15. Tutorial 15. Finishing the Bottom of the Corset

    16. Tutorial 16. Marking the Drapery

    17. Tutorial 17. Making Preparations for Draping the Corset

    18. Tutorial 18. Draping the Corset (Continued)

    19. Tutorial 19. Securing the Drapery. Finishing the Lacing Bars

    20. Tutorial 20. Inserting Grommets. Sewing a Modesty Flap for the Lacing Area

    1. Sewing Pattern Dowload

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