Bustier Dress with Drapery and Multi-Layered Tulle Skirt

Magic Pattern Maker, Full Patterns Set, and Skirt Pattern Calculation Software are included

This amazing step-by-step sewing course includes everything you need for creating this timeless design for yourself and for your clients.


Let your creativity run wild!

Design this light and elegant bustier dress with a multi-layered tulle skirt in black, white or any other color.

We’ll use our new Magic Pattern Maker app for generating custom patterns for any needed sizes! 

This tool is amazing!

Just enter your measurements and get a ready-to-use perfectly fitted PDF file. You are going to LOVE it!    

But if you like to delve into pattern making processes, I got you! 

We’ll talk about patterns in detail. It's like connecting the dots, and it'll help us get the perfect fit.

We're going to use a special sewing technique to make sure everything comes together smoothly and looks fantastic. Even if we're using delicate mesh fabric, we'll be super precise in keeping everything in place. 

Next up, we'll get creative with draping fabric.

Then we'll sew a skirt consisting of 12 layers of tulle, cut in the shapes of circles and half-circles.

I'll spill all the secrets on how to figure out just how many layers you need for that dreamy look. Plus, I'll help you calculate the perfect amount of fabric.

If you're a numbers person, I've got all the formulas and calculations for you.

But if you'd rather keep it simple, we've got easy-to-use software that'll do the math for you. Just enter measurements and the desired number of layers! You’ll get all the calculations for cutting each individual layer and the total tulle consumption. 

How cool is that?

The course contains 33 step-by-step lessons packed with cool tips and brand-new sewing tricks. 

Get ready for a sewing adventure!

I'm super excited to share all these awesome techniques with you.

Let's have a blast making this amazing dress together!

Course curriculum

    1. Lesson 1. Welcome to the course!


    1. Lesson 2. Taking measurements

    2. Patterns set - the files archive

    3. Patterns (for printing on newsprint paper)

    4. Lesson 3. Making a pattern of a bustier

    5. Lesson 4. Making a pattern of a body

    6. Cutting & layout quick guide

    1. Lesson 5. Sewing materials

    2. Lesson 6. Preparing fabric for cutting

    3. Lesson 7. Cutting details No. 2 - No. 3 - No. 4

    4. Lesson 8. Cutting details No. 1 - No. 5

    5. Lesson 9. Cutting out the cups

    6. Lesson 10. A test to determine the width of curve tunnels

    7. Lesson 11. Center front detail

    8. Lesson 12. Preparing detail No. 2

    9. Lesson 13. Sewing details 1 - 2 - 3

    10. Lesson 14. Joining details 4 and 5

    11. Lesson 15. Sewing the bottom of the cup

    12. Lesson 16. Attaching the upper cup detail

    13. Lesson 17. Cup edge piping

    14. Lesson 18. Sewing on the cups

    15. Lesson 19. Piping the upper edge

    16. Lesson 20. Attaching the lacing

    17. Lesson 21. Inserting the bones; the first fitting

    1. Lesson 22. Getting ready for draping

    2. Lesson 23.Gathering the drapery

    3. Lesson 24. Finishing the draping

    1. SOFTWARE: Calculations for cutting each individual layer and the total tulle consumption

    2. Lesson 25. Preliminary calculation of skirt cutting

    3. Lesson 26. Calculating the number of layers for the skirt; fabric usage

    4. Lesson 27. Cutting layers of the skirt

    5. Lesson 28. Cutting the lining for the skirt

    6. Lesson 29. Assembly order of the layers of the skirt

    7. Lesson 30. Assembling the layers of bobbinet skirt

    8. Lesson 31. Assembling the layers of bobbinet skirt

    9. Lesson 32. Sewing the lining and completing the lower layer group

    10. Lesson 33. Connecting the bodice to the skirt. Finished Garment

  • $149.00
  • 38 lessons
  • 4.5 hours of video content