Bustier Cup Design and Drafting

Pattern drafting masterclass

bustier cup drafting

In this class you will learn:

  • How to draft your own bustier cup.
  • How to alter it for any size.
  • How to design it for any style.
  • How to "insert" into a corset pattern.

The trick is not just to construct the cup, but to choose the right size, style and place it correctly on the garment.  

Cups for corsets (or dresses) are different from bra cups.

By definition, a corset cup is tough. It has to shape the bust, to form a beautiful silhouette, to fit perfectly and to be very comfortable to wear.

Therefore you will learn special designing and drafting techniques.

You will also learn how to turn the quilted cup corset pattern (whole corset pattern) into a bustier cup corset pattern (separately cut cup). You will learn how to "insert" the cup into a corset or a dress.  

    1. Introduction

    2. 1. How to determine your cup size?

    3. Taking measurements for a sew-in or a bustier cup

    4. 2. How to determine the metal underwire size?

    5. 3. Drafting a cup pattern around the underwire.

    6. 4. Drafting a basic non-wired round cup pattern.

    7. 5. Drafting a cradle.

    8. 6. Adjusting the cup pattern.

    9. 7. Simple pattern styling.

    10. 8. Pattern grading.

    11. 9. Drafting a cup pattern for Omega Breast Shape.

    12. 10. Inserting the cup into a corset (or a dress).

    13. Pattern drafting demonstration.

    14. Inserting a cup into a corset pattern demonstration.

    15. PATTERNS

About this course

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  • 15 lessons