We all know how incredibly hard and annoying it is to assemble a big layered skirt. 

It demands a lot of space, it’s convoluted and impractical.
But no more! 

This simple, yet genius tool solves this problem and turns the skirt making process into a real joy!  

And I’ll show you how to make it by yourself DIY in just a few hours!

Course curriculum

    1. Pattern Download

    2. Lesson 1. Pattern and Materials

    3. Lesson 2. Cutting and duplicating with fusible material

    4. Lesson 3. Sewing the Bottom

    5. Lesson 4. Joining and Strengthening the Gores

    6. Lesson 5. Joining the Parts of the Cone

    7. Lesson 6. Joining the Bottom

    8. Lesson 7. Clamping the Inner Tube

    9. Lesson 8. Stuffing and Finishing up

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