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Umbrella Cut Ball Gown Skirt

Detailed guide on sewing a fabulous designer skirt

What makes this skirt so special?

  • First of all, it is a full skirt. Young brides still love wedding dresses with full skirts.
  • This particular skirt can be removed after the ceremony and replaced with a more comfortable silhouette skirt for the rest of the evening.
  • This style is very popular for photo-shoots. Photographers are happy to rent out a skirt like this and its robust inner construction gives you hope that it will serve you for quite a long time.
  • I will give you recommendations with three different functional solutions for sewing this skirt.
  • The entire process, from cutting to decorating, will be described in detail. You will get acquainted with the inner construction of the skirt, learn about the train support, i.e. where and when it should be used, and learn how to transform a complicated construction into one that is rather simple and easy to make.

Skills you gain:

  • How to sew a plain three-hoop petticoat,
  • How to calculate gores for the main skirt construction,
  • How to strengthen the gores,
  • How to assemble the front of the construction,
  • How to create an inner construction for the train,
  • What is a train support,
  • How to give the train the desired shape with the help of the petticoat,
  • How to cut the skirt and what materials to use,
  • What other versions of this skirt you can make,
  • How to sew the face part of the skirt,
  • How to cut and sew the decorative peplum at the top of the skirt,
  • How to decorate the skirt,
  • The course includes a detailed description of the full process of creating a 1:2 mock-up skirt model, from the very first steps to the final touches.


Umbrella Cut Ball Gown Skirt

Detailed guide on sewing a fabulous designer skirt

    1. Tutorial 1. Foreword

    2. Tutorial 2. Sewing the First Petticoat

    3. Tutorial 3. Calculating Gores for the Main Skirt Construction

    4. Tutorial 4. Sewing Gores for the Inner Skirt Construction

    5. Tutorial 5. Assembling the Front of the Skirt

    6. Tutorial 6. Making the Inner Train Construction

    7. Tutorial 7. Making a Train Support

    8. Tutorial 8. Working on the Shape of the Train

    9. Tutorial 9. Review of Work Done

    1. Tutorial 10. Cutting the Skirt

    2. Tutorial 11. Possible Versions of the Skirt

    3. Tutorial 12. Sewing the Skirt

    4. Tutorial 13. The Peplum Pattern

    5. Tutorial 14. Decorating the Skirt

    6. Tutorial 15. Making Quick Fabric Flowers

    7. Tutorial 16. Finishing the Peplum

    8. Tutorial 17. Final Stages of Assembling the Skirt

    1. Skirt and Petticoat Patterns

About this course

  • $99.00
  • 18 lessons
  • 3 hours of video content