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Transparent Corset with Deep Neckline

Patterns Included


  • Using thin synthetic net and armani satin;
  • Special pattern with sloped reliefs and whole piece center part.

Skills you gain:

  • Making a curvy front part with deep cut-out;
  • Inserting see-through fabric in the deep cut-out in the front;
  • Working with stretching fabrics and keeping the shape of the corset;
  • Adding an additional relief on the back with out altering the pattern.

Where to use:

  • Widely used technology for creating wedding (and evening) dresses, and also for youth fashion corsets.


Class Curriculum

    1. Tutorial 1. Getting Acquainted with the Model

    2. Tutorial 2. Cutting and Sewing a Mock-Up

    3. Tutorial 3. Measuring the Mock-Up to Get the Dimensions of the Pattern

    4. Tutorial 4. Adjusting the Pattern after Individual Measurements

    5. Tutorial 5. Re-drawing the Patterns with Alterations Accounted for

    6. Tutorial 6. Cutting the Central Piece with Cups. Marking the Location of Bones

    7. Tutorial 7. Joining the Bobbinet Layers of the Pieces

    8. Tutorial 8. Sewing the Princess Seams. Working on Lacing Bars

    9. Tutorial 9. Encasing the Bones and Sewing Them onto Princess Seams

    10. Tutorial 10. Sewing Bones onto Princess Seams

    11. Tutorial 11. Finishing the Top Edge of the Corset

    12. Tutorial 12. Assembling the Lining of the Central Piece

    13. Tutorial 13. Sewing Bones onto the Central Piece with Cups

    14. Tutorial 14. Quilting the Cups with Bones

    15. Tutorial 15. Assembling the Face of the Central Piece. Pressing the Lining

    16. Tutorial 16. Pressing the Face of the Central Piece

    17. Tutorial 17. Putting Final Touches to the Lining of the Central Piece

    18. Tutorial 18. Pinning the Lining of the Central Piece into the Corset Body

    19. Tutorial 19. Joining the Face and the Lining of the Central Part

    20. Tutorial 20. Finishing the Face of the Central Piece

    21. Tutorial 21. Pressing the Central Piece. Inserting Stiff Bones

    22. Tutorial 22. Finishing the Bottom Edge of the Corset

    1. Sewing Pattern Download

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