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Lace Bodice and Full Skirt Wedding Dress

The patterns and the software included

One of the most popular and wanted styles of wedding dresses. This beautiful and elegant design features universal and timeless fashion trends.

Peculiar features of this dress:

  • Absolutely new dressmaking approach.
  • A corset with soft sew-in wired cups. 
  • A particular attention is given to tight fit in the neckline.
  • Back pattern drafting with strap corners. 
  • A single zipper (skirt-corset) with a secure band “hooks-loops”.
  • Full calculation of a petticoat, an petticoat, an overskirt with ruffles and a train, a lace bodice using the automatic software.
  • Bodice drafting with fitted sleeves.
  • Bodice pattern alteration from lace with account for “invisible darts”.
  • Method to prevent stretching of straight cuts and “wavy” effect on the button and loop closure. At the same time preserving the stretchability of neckline and armholes. 
  • Peculiarities of skirt cutting for a full skirt with a train from various fabrics less than 160 cm wide.  
  • Delicate decoration with rhinestone ribbons and sequin and bead embroidery.

And much more.

All processes of the dress making from a sketch to a finished garment are described and illustrated in details in the course.

You will find enclosed:

  • Pattern Alterations Calculation Software for the bodice, lace top and the skirt
  • Sewing Patterns

Class curriculum

    1. Tutorial 1. Peculiarities of “Distance between bust points” measurement.

    2. Tutorial 2. Pattern alteration.

    3. Tutorial 3. Corset back drafting.

    4. Tutorial 4. Preparation for cutting. Corset cutting.

    5. Tutorial 5. Preparation of cups for strengthening.

    6. Tutorial 6. Cup strengthening.

    7. Tutorial 7. Cup sewing and pressing.

    8. Tutorial 8. Sewing of corset front lining with cups.

    9. Tutorial 9. Continuation of work with corset front lining.

    10. Tutorial 10. Sewing of upper layer of corset front.

    11. Tutorial 11. Sewing lining of corset back.

    12. Tutorial 12. Clarification of corset upper layer along lining.

    13. Tutorial 13. Sewing a zipper to corset.

    14. Tutorial 14. Corset bottom finishing.

    15. Tutorial 15. Corset upper layer and lining joining.

    16. Tutorial 16. Zipper securing.

    17. Tutorial 17. Hoop petticoat cutting.

    18. Tutorial 18. Petticoat sewing.

    19. Tutorial 19. Front of underskirt. Gores #2 and #3.

    20. Tutorial 20. Front underskirt gore # 1, back gores and ruffle marking.

    21. Tutorial 21. Gore cutting. Fabric consumption for underskirt.

    22. Tutorial 22. Ruffles for underskirt.

    23. Tutorial 23. Underskirt and corset lining joining.

    24. Tutorial 24. Upper tulle layers of underskirt.

    25. Tutorial 25. Bodice back pattern drafting.

    26. Tutorial 26. Bodice front pattern drafting.

    27. Tutorial 27. Sleeve cap pattern drafting.

    1. Tutorial 28. Preparation for cutting of lace bodice.

    2. Tutorial 29. Lace bodice cutting.

    3. Tutorial 30. Making the “invisible darts”.

    4. Tutorial 31. Preparation and joining of lining and upper layer of lace bodice.

    5. Tutorial 32. Sleeve cutting and preparation for decoration.

    6. Tutorial 33. Decoration of sleeves.

    7. Tutorial 34. Sewing sleeves in.

    8. Tutorial 35. Tab “fabric or lace” of automatic table of half-full skirt calculation.

    9. Tutorial 36. Tab “tulle up to 180 cm wide” of automatic table for calculation of half-circle skirt.

    10. Tutorial 37. Full overskirt, joining with lace bodice.

    11. Tutorial 38. Alignment of skirt bottom and dress bottom.

    12. Tutorial 39. Belt from rhinestone ribbon and dress is ready!

    1. Sewing Patterns for Download

    1. ☝️ Before you use the Pattern Alterations Calculation software...

    2. Automatic Corset Pattern Alteration

    3. Automatic Calculations For A Fitted Bodice Base Drafting

    4. Calculation Of Petticoat With Known Bottom Length

    5. Calculation Of Overskirt

    6. Calculation Of Half-Circle Skirt With Waist Gathering

About this course

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  • 46 lessons
  • 7 hours of video content