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Halter-Neck Wedding Dress with Removable Sleeves

Software and Patterns Included


  • Sewing technique of the dress WITHOUT side seams.
  • Removable wide chiffon sleeves.
  • Rules of complex styling and shaping.
  • In this course we not only will alter the pattern but also will create an unique pattern for a complex dress for a particular client’s size.
  • Minimum usage of Rigilene boning.

Skills you gain:

  • Advanced pattern drafting.
  • Calculation and alteration of the pattern for a particular client’s size.
  • Advanced usage of boning in the dress.
  • Inserting soft foam cup into the dress.
  • Duplicating white fabrics of the front part, preventing the fusible material appearing through.
  • Attaching complex parts with curvy edges.

Where to use:

  • Sewing wedding and evening dresses.


Class Curriculum

    1. Foreword

    2. Tutorial 1. Getting Started

    3. Tutorial 2. Calculating Adjustments to the Standard Pattern

    4. Tutorial 3. Customizing the Size of the Pattern

    5. Tutorial 4. Styling and Shaping the Pattern

    6. Tutorial 5. Building a Paper Pattern without Side Seams

    7. Tutorial 6. Testing the New Pattern on a Mock-Up

    1. Tutorial 7. Review of Materials Used

    2. Tutorial 8. Cutting the Dress

    3. Tutorial 9. Duplicating Parts of the Dress. Cutting the Chiffon and the Lace

    4. Tutorial 10. Marking the Placement of Bones. Cutting the Lacing Panels

    1. Tutorial 11. Assembling the Lacing Panels. Installing Grommets

    2. Tutorial 12. Sewing the Princess Seams on the Lining

    3. Tutorial 13. Sewing and Pressing All Princess Seams on the Lining

    4. Tutorial 14. Sewing Bones onto the Lining

    5. Tutorial 15. Sewing Ready Foam Cups into the Dress

    6. Tutorial 16. Joining the Face Layers along the Front Princess Seams

    7. Tutorial 17. Sewing the Front Princess Seams. Installing the Zipper

    8. Tutorial 18. Pinning Together the Back Princess Seams

    9. Tutorial 19. Sewing the Back Princess Seams. Pressing the Face of the Dress

    10. Tutorial 20. Cutting and Sewing Chiffon Halter-Neck Straps

    11. Tutorial 21. Joining the Face and the Lining along the Neckline

    12. Tutorial 22. Finishing the Zipper with the Lining

    13. Tutorial 23. Joining the Face and the Lining (Final Steps)

    14. Tutorial 24. Finishing the Slit and the Hem of the Dress with the Lining

    15. Tutorial 25. Finishing the Bottom of the Slit and the Hem of the Dress

    1. Tutorial 26. Decorating the Dress with Beaded Trimmings

    2. Tutorial 27. Cutting and Sewing Removable Chiffon Sleeves

    3. Tutorial 28. Joining the Sleeves with the Necklace

    1. Sewing Patterns Download

    1. Halter Neck Dress Pattern Calculations

About this course

  • $149.00
  • 31 lessons
  • 8.5 hours of video content