Custom Dress-Form for Any Body Type

Patterns and Software Included

Create your own perfect tool fast and easy!

The method is inexpensive, simple, and easily available. Moreover, it is proved by numerous years of experience in wedding and evening dress making workshop. 

You will find out from this course how to customize any foam dress-form in short time after a necessary size and in a matter of minutes to get it to initial size after each project.

The INCLUDED SOFTWARE will make all necessary calculations for you. You just need to enter measurements and the program will calculate alterations to the initial pattern to have the body shape of your client. 

If you don’t limit yourself to the dress-form only, the course will teach you how to make a pattern of a tight dress with narrow sleeves. By the way, you will learn how to draft a sleeve, which perfectly fits the small armhole, in a separate tutorial.    

If you are:

  • Often having difficulties with a dress fitting due to unavailability of your client;  
  • using various tricks while decorating garments from elastic materials;
  • unable to put your dress on a dress-form that is too big

this course will help to overcome all these difficulties! 

Course curriculum

    1. Tutorial 1. Foreword

    2. Tutorial 2. Pattern preparation

    3. Tutorial 3. Mock-up preparation of initial pattern

    4. Tutorial 4. Main lines marking on the initial pattern

    5. Tutorial 5. Marking the cup position on the mock-up

    6. Tutorial 6. Reduction of the foam dress-form

    7. Tutorial 7. The pattern alteration of the dress-form cover

    8. Tutorial 8. The first layer of the dress-form cover

    9. Tutorial 9. Face fabric cover of the dress-form

    10. Tutorial 10. Covering the neck and armholes of the dress-form

    11. Tutorial 11. Drafting the dress-form arm (sleeve cap)

    12. Tutorial 12. Drafting the dress-form arm (continuation)

    13. Tutorial 13. Sewing the dress-form arm

    14. Tutorial 14. Increase of dress-form

    1. Sewing Pattern Download

    1. ☝️ Before you use the Pattern Alterations Calculation software...

    2. Cover Pattern Alterations Calculation Software

About this course

  • 17 lessons
  • 2 hours of video content