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Beaded Embroidery Dress

The patterns and the software included

The exclusive technique of creating high-end Haute Couture dresses. Make your own fabric perfectly fitted for your body and design using Luneville (Tambour) embroidery technique.

In this course you will learn an exclusive sewing technique. You will create not just the dress, but the fabric itself. This dress will be one of a kind, only for your client (bride).

What can compare to a creative process? In your power to create an embroidered fabric of your own design and to sew a unique dress with it! Just the idea is mesmerizing! 

I know this might seem overwhelming and you have questions:

  • How should I make the dress pattern? 
  • How should I hide the darts? 
  • How should I prepare the pattern pieces for embroidery? 
  • How should I arrange the pattern on the mesh, considering its stretchability? 
  • How should I frame the mesh, so that the pieces are not deformed and stretched? 

I give comprehensive answers to all these questions in this course! 

We will make the pattern quickly and accurately according to the measurements. All complex calculations will be done by the automatic calculation tables.  

After that I will show how to hide the darts in the embroidery pattern.  I will also demonstrate how to apply the drawing to the standard pattern (which is made at the initial stage), so we can make further alterations.

Then there is one more compulsory stage – the preliminary preparation of the patterns for the embroidery. I will show you the tricks used in Haute Couture Houses.

I will show and explain the universal techniques for variety of situations!   

  • Whatever your ornament is,
  • Whatever your style is (a dress, a skirt, a corset, pants, a cape …) 
  • Whatever your mesh is and whatever accessories you choose for the embroidery
  • Where to begin and to end the embroidery;
  • how to attach the lining to the piece;
  • how to join the embroidered pieces together;
  • how to have the preliminary fitting on a dress-form;
  • how to achieve perfect fitting with just 1 in-person fit test.

In addition we'll discover detailed chiffon skirt construction process.

  • Choose multi-chiffon with elastic thread;
  • The skirt consists of 5 different pieces;
  • Each piece has its own radius for cutting;
  • I will show on clear schemes how to cut the skirt pieces efficiently and quickly;
  • And skirt calculation software is provided to make your work fast and accurate.

You will learn:

  • to make a universal pattern for the dress. You will use this pattern to alter any style of dresses, blouses and skirts. All complex mathematical calculations will be done for you by the automatic table. You will only have to measure and mark the calculated figures along the required lines. I'll show it in the course where and how you should do it.
  • to transfer darts on the pattern in accordance with your embroidery pattern.
  • to mark the pattern so that you can control the embroidery process during work.
  • to hoop the mesh into a frame to avoid deformation of the embroidered pieces.
  • to finish the embroidered pieces and to prepare them for joining.
  • to sew the embroidered pieces by Haute Couture standards.
  • to carry out a virtual fitting on the dress-form.

All processes of the dress making from a sketch to a finished garment are described and illustrated in details in the course.

The aim of this course is to teach you the dress-making techniques of such dresses. All these techniques can be used in different variations, which enables to sew wedding and evening dresses of various styles.

This course will be useful both to beginners and to experienced professionals in making wedding and evening dresses. It is suitable for the professional training of the salon staff.   

Course curriculum

    1. Introduction

    2. Tutorial 1. Dress base drafting.

    3. Tutorial 2. A dress mock-up.

    4. Tutorial 3. Marking the dress pieces.

    5. Tutorial 4. Cutting the mock-up into the pieces.

    6. Tutorial 5. Pattern transfer to paper.

    1. Tutorial 6. Materials for dress making.

    2. Tutorial 7. Embroidery of first pieces. Test.

    3. Tutorial 8. Correct arrangement of pieces on mesh. Embroidery of pieces.

    4. Tutorial 9. Embroidery of skirt and last pieces.

    1. Tutorial 10. Preparation of embroidered pieces for stitching to the lining.

    2. Tutorial 11. Stitching the lining to the embroidered pieces.

    3. Tutorial 12. Sewing in a zipper.

    4. Tutorial 13. Assembling the dress.

    5. Tutorial 14. Sewing a lining skirt. Dress fitting.

    1. Tutorial 15. Drafting a chiffon skirt.

    2. Tutorial 16. Scheme and cutting plan of the skirt.

    3. Tutorial 17. Sewing plan for the skirt pieces.

    4. Tutorial 18. Sewing the belt.

    5. Tutorial 19. Finishing the skirt hem.

    1. ☝️ Before you use the Pattern Alterations Calculation software...

    2. Software for drafting a fitted dress base

    3. Software for cutting the skirt

    1. The pattern for the parts for embroidery

About this course

  • $149.00
  • 24 lessons
  • 3.5 hours of video content